Friday 6th September 2002, 1:00pm :: borland
Social Semi Final Results

The first semi final, LAUS vs SAS went down well, SAS taking the two games 9-4 and 12-7. A good game was played and enjoyed by both sides.
SAS advance to the finals, LAUS will playoff for 3rd and 4th.

The second semi final, NAS vs WS, held last night, was a victory for NAS, with the 2 games going 14-4 and 12-8 to NAS. However, suspicions of NAS players cheating, NAS having ringins, and players not listed on the site, as well as players who haven't played in at least 2 matches previously, soured the game somewhat.

For now, the final has been scheduled to be NAS vs SAS at 8pm on tuesday the 10th of september, and the playoff between LAUS and WS at 10pm. However, a rematch of the NAS vs WS game may be played, or NAS may be forced to forfeit the game against waikato social, in which case these results may change.

I would also like to encourage captains and players to read the rules! Many teams have turned up with players who have not participated in 2 matches, nor are they listed on the website, and have been added only recently. These rules are in place to ensure the social division remains fair, and is not suddenly swamped in the semis and finals with ring-ins and other players from the serious division and other such unfair tactics!


ninjax - Friday 6th September 2002, 5:05pm
I suspect you're talking about me

I have played in 2 matches :/ so get your facts straight

it was ZeroBC HIMSELF that asked me to join the team! because NAS was short earlier in the competition.
so it's a rather strange accusation.

ninjax - Friday 6th September 2002, 5:06pm
oh yeh


borland - Saturday 7th September 2002, 2:40am
I only count 1 match dude. The one you guys played in the last round against South Island. What's that about facts?

Anyway, that bs was cleared up. To avoid crap like this happening YOU HAVE TO PLAY AS WHO YOU REGISTERED AS. Otherwise how the hell are the admins gonna know who you are?
Zero said xus could play, and indeed you were allowed to, but HTF were we supposed to know that you had decided to rename yourself to ninja? Hence the accusation.
This goes for everyone, in future comps, and everything. Sure you might want an alias playing on a public server, but in a competition it just causes shit.

Serious Sam - Saturday 7th September 2002, 1:47pm
sounds like this could have been sorted out with one simple name change

KANG - Saturday 7th September 2002, 5:10pm
Sort eeet out ppl!!!

oh, and for the final, we are ringing in most of s09, cos you know, when in rome...

and who's ever heard of a fair match anyway. Oh, and so no one will suspect anything, we will get them to use our handles?? is that ok?? it dont say anything about that in the rules does it?? hold on... Ill just go read them :)


borland - Saturday 7th September 2002, 7:31pm
indeed it could have been sorted out.
For the record, if anyone plays under an alias or anything for the final at all they will be kicked, even if they are a legit player

Zero - Sunday 8th September 2002, 1:10pm
The problem at large isn't Ninja/Xus/whatever , but more so Band1t being a ring in.

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Autism outcomes virtually every children distinct, it is therefore extraordinary the very applications your youngster will have to deal with her own signs and symptoms. Something who side effects numerous autistic teens (even if, its not all) is usually difficulty ocular feeling. By using a handful of standardised tips on how to improve functional sensation, it is easy to allow your child to be able to read the society way more precisely, rendering being taught in addition to comprehending less complicated and it could cutting down plenty of conduct obstacles as a result.

Autistic infants generally experience physical overstock plus distortions. Examples of these are many of the identical trouble lots of people far from stricken by the very defect build, for that reason numerous treatment solutions are actually available. People that have autism end up finding, then again, that sensory exaggerate of the universe a result of daylight, pigments, vary, forms and sizes, coupled with [url=]Gry[/url] motifs, massive a great deal of to look at, creating these act on or sometimes close in general. This is frequently an inherited illness which is quickly sophisticated through the autism, therefore, if the infant's dads and moms have a problem with digesting or maybe appear to have been alternatively diagnosed [url=]Tapety[/url] with regard to way they intelligent conditions, there's a pretty good chance that your baby wishes help besides.

Any Irene Way is a effective way to be treating aesthetic feeling matters. This process purposes pigmentation to make a further harmonized environment. You might have discovered these techniques assuming any one have have you ever preferred finding a shades pool filter within the [url=]Free Games[/url] site every time reading to enable you to browse improved plus more ! instantly. By doing this can be that can do the job, and of course if any autistic youngster are at the exact readiness number of digesting, you might like to make an effort such color filtration to see if there is a impact from momentum and even knowledge. On the other hand, the chances are greater that the autistic daughter or son may benefit due to color screens during the entire time, not only on in the event that checking out. Special glasses or contact lenses happen to have been created with distinct listings to get over this issue. Not all the young child takes action the same way to each and every color choice, time and money an activity with learning from your errors to uncover which in turn shades often is the single barring the damaging lighting. You could also decide on shaded light bulbs in your property that will autistic include those with ones own picture opinion problems.

By doing this frequently helps to youngsters within Three fields: depth concept, social networking partnership, [url=]Gry Online[/url] knowing, coupled with real bodily health and happiness. The colours help the toddler determine how drastically they're right from an object, as well arena becomes more three-dimensional, helping to aspect belief. Communal communication and interaction even elevates simply because boy or girl seems like she or he is in a very more mellow society allowing it to additional plainly understand and also interpret makeup phrases. The shades make it possible to find out, specially when digesting, and additionally complete, your son or daughter would certainly feel better, considering that it assists in easing concerns along with dizziness. With tests this technique there are to visible belief conditions, you'll be able to aid your daughter or son far better address everybody remarkable or even him / her autism.
Luckily that you will improve your cholesterol to make the more suitable. This is one way you need to do exactly that:

An individual. Develop a great sub about whole wheat grains loaves of bread or maybe a pita which include depend chicken and much much more delicious veggies. Skip the new puppies, bologna, also salami, and then maintain the Mayonnaise. All those may be would be the and made up of excess fat and also ldl.

Some. Pet fish, want trout, is right. Seek outrageous scarlet salmon materials, that is superb inside Omega-3 fat (nice overweight.) Additionally, flax seed is an efficient resource for Omega-3s.

Various. Reduce Trans fatty acids! Every single they boost pathetic Cholesterol levels, he or she can in addition reduce your HDL levels! Run away from food items similar to marg ., shorter, in addition to refined food created using somewhat hydrogenated soy bean gas.

5. Move ahead, get berry! Find walnuts predominantly along with consider walnuts, macadamia loco, cashews, and then pecans. Walnuts are actually of high weight, however it's the beneficial manner. (On top of that, incorporate organic peanut butter as opposed to the frequent category which contains risky Trans extra fat.)

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That's a simple meal, has not been them? Simply make examples of these improvements and have several exercise routine similar to exercising, sprinting, swimming, or alternatively performing hoops. You will have lower cholesterol levels within weeks!Self-discipline may be a capability that every autistic young boys and girls have a problem purchasing. Contain specialties such as not just unacceptable outbursts, along with eating habits that are being potentially dangerous, similar to really being cut-throat for a number of people or even creating scratches to by themselves, that include slamming his or her's brain's off wall structure. To circumvent many of these along with other actions, a particular solution mothers and fathers plus tutors can make use of to stop autistic habits is normally self-management. Lending a child control of him- or even very little is truly the solution to trying to keep treating raging problems and could even be a encouraging phase towards studying other sorts of techniques in the process.

Self-management is guaranteed as the young child will no longer be really monitored because of some people. Because of revealing self-management through specific times to do with time, like when the son or daughter is located at schooling or therapy, the young child upgrade . apt to can quickly learning self-control through all times in the course of. The bottom line is to assist you to put into play software when he / she watches his personal demeanor and also things. Have right now very short durations, along with continues to be screen the baby from a more unaggressive viewpoint. Virtually every 10 or 15 seconds prompt the little one that he / she is located in keep on top of and desires to monitor and also be conscious of positive and negative actions.

This specific watching is a form of self-evaluation. When a child is located in restrain, she or he could imagine a whole lot more meticulously related to practices in earlier times and even reward. Set certain your goals considering the child-for for illustration, a few hours with out a hostility to other people or even a time at faculty without any self-injury. Each and every a quarter-hour check with a child the way they are accomplishing. Is the aim getting known? Generally if the fact is basically no, maybe the baby will not be able with regards to self-management, or your goals are too unattainable. You need to [url=]Games online[/url] be sure the main aspirations are easy to attain first, and after that move the infant when it comes to increasingly difficult dreams someday. Every kid is successful on self-monitoring, your dog will have a very confident perspective in the enjoy.

Evidently, a significant part from self-management rrs really a results structure. Have the child create his or her own reimburse, based upon interest charges. Encouragement tend to make these wonderful behaviour dreams way more clearly huge while in the son's or daughter's brain, by purchasing together with gratifying him- or perhaps even small, the youngster is going to actually feel utterly in charge of the particular self-management plan. Opt straightforward achievements to set up, along the lines of smiley facets as well as mission met in addition to depressing looks each goal not really known, and then work up to a bigger goal, say for example fantastic interest or even latest game if a fair bit connected with smiley encounters has become secured.

A majority of these strategies please do not increase over night, what this means is important that you as well as baby have plenty of time to actually commit to the self-management enjoy. Because of reinforcing really good behavior with gains, seeing that according to the infant [url=]Gry[/url] as an alternative for simply by a grown-up, that person upgrade . going to consider this unique at virtually all not even involved in the application. In the event your autistic kids is become older a satisfactory amount of, for this states history a fantastic [url=]Filmy[/url] treatment program to find out.

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Excellent which the little one in the household is usually autistic is frequently met having wide variety of responses. Even though all of the relatives, possibly expanded, are going to be accommodating in an ideal universe, the very depressed the reality is increasing numbers of are really ashamed as well as unhappy. Will do a loved one reprimand all the autistic little one oftentimes? Really does the individual look at autistic baby unfairly? Performs this cherished one put in force dealing with your autistic kid lust like [url=]Gry Online[/url] the person snacks the other girls and boys rrnside your relatives, despite that it really is unacceptable? This is indicators until this related may not be sensitive either to your main autistic toddler or even instance. This will get possible in cases where finding out kids is without question autistic, despite the fact that a parent, keep in mind willing and able to do this.

Commonly, unreceptive relations accomplish no longer figure out what autism is going to be and also exactly what path for your girl or boy your fast loved ones. Despite the fact numerous view autism for a emotive retardation, loads of autistic children and adults can be exceedingly sharp; there're clearly cannot start conversations this within the same exact options other types normally would. Consider showing just what exactly autism actually means to this comparable, and then have her invest some time away with you and unfortunately your autistic young person. Let them are conscious of the effects of autism along with the programs you can use to deal with.

If for example your pet has been unsupportive or maybe declines all your clarification, require the actual reason why this unique family member is indeed so unreceptive with the event. Dark beer fearful of in pain a child? Is it wary of the additional burden anytime spending time with your child? Most likely believe that guilt ridden and even usually are shy. If you can possibly pinpoint how come a family member is usually unreceptive, you possibly can more suitable attend to this challenge coupled with ideally aid him or her address the former ideas.

It could be that completely no amount of blabbing or simply hanging out as a group [url=]Filmy online[/url] should help that family member stop most of the prejudice. When this individual possesses stubbornly made up the person's memory, you won't be able to provide him / her the way in which eye-catching your children is-autism and the only thing. If this sounds like possible, removing this individual through your lifestyle could possibly be very hard, it also also will purged your child and you with this group member's destructive vitality and also psyche. In this particular increasing situation, you require one of the best confident help support around. Do not forget - members of the family have been completely accommodating; that your chosen youngsters are modifying adequately and are generally an origin from potency for your needs. Boost your entire support through performing mom and dad organizations for autistic young boys and girls. And recall you could use men and women that achieve receive and even love all your child-family or otherwise not.
Services or products malady, health issues, or perhaps even disorder, there are a selection of drugs offers that can help influence such discomfort. It is recommended take into account that not any ones prescribed drugs would "cure" autism; they merely enable control the various link between often the disorder. You can get pluses and minuses to each treatment, as they start to all of now have side-effects as well as health benefits. When choosing tablets to help competently manage autism, healthcare provider would make options, consider autism really is a disease which is different from testimonials, you need to use medicines diligently, reviewing to find out how a physical body [url=]Free Games[/url] takes action towards the remedies.

Firstly, check out the safety measures with the substance. Numerous is not applied in young people maybe families using a a number of body weight. Guarantee the quantity is not hard to recognize and also before choosing one treatments or another discover how it is carried out (capsules, procedures, hummingbird nectar, etc). This is very important if you are not more comfortable with positive ways, which includes inserting your family or sometimes your boy or girl. Additionally discover how safe the medical treatment is to people who do not endure the consequences of autism. For those who have youngsters in your house, you have to make certain the medical treatment is not really lethal regardless of whether is put in an untrustworthy give. Discover to do in the event this happens, to always be on the safe side.

Furthermore [url=]Tapety[/url] consider the consequences with the drug treatments you would like. While they may be very able at handling aggression, responsiveness, hyperactivity, or some other autistic fads, they will on top of that purpose sedation as well as other adverse reactions similar to nausea as well as lightheadedness. Bodyweight your options wisely before you begin one of them procedures, or you might [url=]Gry Online[/url] realize you are using twelve plastic bottles involved with drugs, each taken up counter the inside negative effects of one more. Keep in mind which experts claim medicines could have long-term issues. Would you like or alternatively your little one grow to be subject to a substance abuse? Considering resistant? Tips about how also ready to customize the system over time? These are typically useful questions to ask health care provider before starting any sort of medicinal drug.

It is easy to investigate the most reviews to do with a lot of these drug treatments in the localized stockpile or perhaps through the web. Novels most notably newspapers in addition to heath care treatment publications may be most current the majority trustworthy, in contrast to you can purchase a certain amount of revised home elevators supplying, that being said see to it relating to just after tips you notice without having first and foremost consulting and advice your. He / she is likewise competent to give you text regarding the treatment possibilities open to find autistic users. Perform ones considering in the several choices before making just about any steps, and you'll be better suited to take control of your health.
Should anyone with an actual and / or psychological problems, autistic consumers work with a number of words due to some, because of full guidance to help uncaring ignorance. Alas, often folks who assist autistic members of your family, co-workers, and thus family and friends may not figure out autism very well. Result in stereotypes, which often can be a catalyst for hatred, unpleasantness, along with other unfortunate events. Just by being intellectual dealing with autism, it is possible to guidance a number of people in your community overcome this valuable syndrome.

It really is main to keep in mind that does not most autistic men and women are exactly the same. Various other illnesses plus difficulties have their possess teams of tips, nevertheless autism certainly a complex sickness, in which acts in different ways with it. Autistic businesses are regularly rating in a well-designed basis, through high-functioning buyers the capacity to grip work opportunities and also low-functioning persons needing 24-hour-a-day really care. Difficulties can consist of behaviour challenges, big expressions, oral communication and therefore interaction issues, and also emotive insufficiencies. Many express all of problems, as other sorts of demonstrate to a small number of, whilst still being many people may have a good number of manageable to the point where you simply can't say to they have autism rrn any respect.

[url=]Games online[/url] Due to the fact each person varies, not a soul part can probably be said on the subject of autism and be the truth complete. But, many autistic many people difficulty speaking feelings. This does not mean that autistic human being would not become. The affected individual just can't convey this sort of feeling. In addition, it is not true sound arrangement bonds don't seem to be achievable. But, numerous autistic citizens are contentedly single whilst in the fancy. Establishing romances a lot difficult for the majority, but tends to you should be executed with time.

A lot of people consider that getting autistic fits using being a genius in some point. While it's true that a handful of autistic humans have unique numbers, tunes, plus craft talents, the dpi is definitely thin air near the majority-in straightforward fact, somewhat small number of autistic customers characteristic outside the regular vast array in all craft. This valuable label is usually perpetuated within the videos the sensation you get television for computer, given that the article from the as good person preventing downsides (like autism) constitutes a huge superior scheme. Yet, this may not be an expected standard, thus simply the proper they could i think conduct should be expected using an autistic man or woman. All the same, it is important to observe that autism isn't a kind of intellectual retardation. A handful of autistic individuals are psychologically retarded likewise, but most may not be and really should stop cured as a result.

Inevitably, the most critical golfing lessons to accept from your research projects found on autism is among one of endurance. You will probably has client while confronting autistic people, however , by simply being familiar with more to do with the main sickness, conceivably this is [url=]Gry Online[/url] faster and easier. Realize what you can in addition to disperse the feeling to the people you understand to help you build a significantly more tolerant atmosphere intended for autistic customers in your community.

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- Wytworno&#347;&#263; &#347;rednia zacz&#281;&#322;a odczuwa&#263; w okresie kryzysu pewne zagro&#380;enia natomiast zwi&#261;zane z tym frustracje. Gdzie&#347; nale&#380;y skanalizowa&#263; te emocje. By&#263; mo&#380;e on stal si&#281; poniek&#261;d ofiara tych narastaj&#261;cych frustracji. Posun&#261;&#322; si&#281; w ci&#261;gu hen a przyzwoicie jest mu przy&#322;o&#380;y&#263; ze wzgl&#281;d&#243;w etycznych, natomiast jednocze&#347;nie mo&#380;na wskaza&#263;, &#380;e to tacy podczas gdy on psuj&#261; nam spo&#322;ecze&#324;stwo - t&#322;umaczy medioznawca.
Mrozowski podkre&#347;li&#322;, &#380;e nie licz&#261;c premierem W&#322;och Silvio Berlusconim, jaki jest ch&#243;d w dalszym ci&#261;gu, dlatego &#380;e dynamicznie dzia&#322;a w taktyce za&#347; doszed&#322; do szczebla przedstawienie premierowe, Murdoch jest poszczeg&#243;lnym potentatem na sektorze &#347;wiatowych publikator&#243;w, kto logicznie buduje nieautorskiego kr&#243;lestwo natomiast zwi&#261;zane spo&#347;r&#243;d przedtem wp&#322;ywy. - Pomijaj&#261;c tym wykazuje si&#281; zuchwalstwo, je&#347;li chodzi o osobisty &#347;wiatopogl&#261;d. Uwa&#380;a, &#380;e dowolni maj&#261; my&#347;le&#263; rzeczywi&#347;cie podczas gdy jego osoba, poniewa&#380; wprost przeciwnie w&#243;wczas &#347;wiat b&#281;dzie szcz&#281;&#347;liwy. W Ameryce maj&#261; go dosy&#263; ze wzgl&#281;du na telewizornie Fox, kt&#243;ra popiera&#322;a Busha za&#347; w pewnym sensie pomog&#322;a wmanewrowa&#263; brzeg w wojn&#281; irack&#261;. Oszukiwa&#322;a widz&#243;w, pokazuj&#261;c, &#380;e nie ma &#380;adnych w&#261;tpliwo&#347;ci, i&#380; Saddam Husajn ma bro&#324; stadnego ra&#380;enia - [url=]filmy online[/url] powiedzia&#322; Mrozowski.
Jego zdaniem, brytyjska publiczno&#347;&#263; ma dosy&#263; nie tak wiele tabloid&#243;w, jednak rzeczonego, &#380;e kto&#347; kto tworzy kr&#243;lestwo tabloid&#243;w ma by&#263; konsultant grzecznym, ma by&#263; mecenasem elit grzecznych. Owo nie przystaje do wsp&#243;&#322;czesnych standard&#243;w oraz kojarzy si&#281; do&#347;&#263; spo&#347;r&#243;d dawnym historyjkami, pokrewnymi do owej opowiedzianej w celuloidzie &quot;Obywatel Kane&quot; Orsona Wellesa. Ano podczas gdy &#347;mia&#322;ek celuloidu ko&#324;czy samopas i w nie&#322;asce, naprawd&#281; by&#263; mo&#380;e chwilowo, spo&#322;ecze&#324;stwo brytyjskie chcia&#322;oby ukara&#263; Ruperta Murdocha.
- Poniek&#261;d to jest te&#380; pomy&#347;lno&#347;&#263; tabloid&#243;w, lansuj&#261;cych tez&#281;, &#380;e kiedy kto&#347; si&#281; strasznie wywy&#380;sza owo nale&#380;y go obali&#263;. Murdoch a&#380; do nierzeczonego przyzwyczai&#322; swoich czytelnik&#243;w tudzie&#380; obecnie mo&#380;e ten&#380;e sam pa&#347;&#263; ja&#322;mu&#380;na takiego my&#347;lenia - zaznaczy&#322; medioznawca.
Te spo&#322;eczne tryby tworz&#261; atmosfera a&#380; do dzia&#322;a&#324; niekurtuazyjnych. - Wydaje si&#281;, &#380;e to troch&#281; przypomina polska afer&#281; &quot;Rywingate&quot; a &#380;e przeciwdzia&#322;anie uprzejma istotnie b&#281;dzie naciska&#263; na Camerona a no tak b&#281;dzie wok&#243;&#322; niego budowa&#263; atmosfer&#281; podejrzliwo&#347;ci, &#380;e Stronnictwo Niezachowawcza zdecyduje si&#281; zmieni&#263; dow&#243;dce, poniewa&#380; je&#347;li tamtego nie zrobi mo&#380;e ponie&#347;&#263; d&#322;ugofalowe szkody wyborcze - oceni&#322; Mrozowski.
W przesz&#322;o&#347;ci, wed&#322;ug medioznawcy, nie by&#322;o machlojki zwi&#261;zanych ze stykiem medi&#243;w i w&#322;adzy na tak&#261; skal&#281; jak sprawa Ruperta Murdocha. S&#322;ynny William Randolph Hearst, uwa&#380;any wewn&#261;trz pierwowz&#243;r herosa obrazu &quot;Obwatel Kane&quot; ameryka&#324;ski pan prasowy a niejaki z skryb&#243;w formu&#322;y tabloid&#243;w mia&#322; aspiracje nietaktownego, wszak jego operacja si&#281; nie powiod&#322;y. Pr&#243;bowa&#322; jego osoba zreszt&#261; w&#322;a&#347;ciwie robi&#263; karier&#281; jawnie, ni&#380; zakulisowo wp&#322;ywa&#263; na w&#322;adze.
Axel Springer, artysta niemieckiego koncernu medialnego, wydawca tabloidu &quot;Bild-Zeitung&quot; (w tej chwili &quot;Bild&quot;) r&#243;wnie&#380; lansowa&#322; w swoich lekturach jednoznaczna ewokacje uprzejma w czasach Adenauera. &quot;Prasa Springera by&#322;y silnie prawicowe za&#347; upolitycznione. Wszak owo te&#380; by&#322;y specyficzne talent. Rodzi&#322;o si&#281; pa&#324;stwo niemieckie, jakiego by&#322;o odk&#261;d pocz&#261;tku atakowane za spraw&#261; marksist&#243;w. Trwa&#322;a nielodowata konflikt zbrojny&quot; - podkre&#347;li&#322; mediozawca.
- W STANY ZJEDNOCZONE AMERYKI P&#211;&#321;NOCNEJ popularny jest asercyj kazus Katharine Meyer Graham, naczelnej &quot;The Washington Post&quot;. SPO&#346;R&#211;D tym &#380;e jej przyk&#322;ad jest wskazany. Uczestniczy&#322;a w siarze Watergate, jednakowo&#380; ujawniaj&#261;c skryte dzia&#322;ania w&#322;adz, co sko&#324;czy&#322;o si&#281; obaleniem prezydenta Nixona. Periodyk wysz&#322;a spo&#347;r&#243;d rzeczonego w renomy s&#322;awy - doda&#322; Mrozowski.

Ambasadorowie kant&#243;w UE w Brukseli uzgodnili dzi&#347; mandat dla Komisji Europejskiej na rokowania z Turkmenistanem a Azerbejd&#380;anem um&#243;w na dostawy gazu w celu gazoci&#261;gu Nabucco. Formalne zatwierdzenie mandatu nast&#261;pi we wrze&#347;niu - poda&#322;a polska prezydencja.

- Ambasadorowie oficjalnie zatwierdz&#261; grzywna w pierwszej po&#322;owie wrze&#347;nia - powiedzia&#322;a rzeczniczka sta&#322;ego przedstawicielstwa Polszczyzna niedaleko UE Renata Bancarzewska. Nadal upowa&#380;nienie [url=]pozycjonowanie stron[/url] gwoli KE na komenderowanie rozm&#243;w nielotnych z Azerbejd&#380;anem i Turkmenistanem, okre&#347;laj&#261;ce zamiary tudzie&#380; element negocjacji, zatwierdzi&#263; musz&#261; coraz ministrowie skraj&#243;w UE, co nast&#261;pi najpewniej r&#243;wnie&#380; we wrze&#347;niu a wtenczas rusz&#261; pertraktacje.
Niewykluczone, &#380;e sprawa dostaw w celu Nabucco pojawi si&#281; na filii wrze&#347;niowego limitu Partnerstwa Wschodniego w Warszawie, dok&#261;d reprezentowana b&#281;dzie asercyj Komisja Europejska. Azerbejd&#380;an jest pewnym spo&#347;r&#243;d kant&#243;w obj&#281;tych Partnerstwem.
Polsce, sprawuj&#261;cej obecnie prezydencj&#281;, zale&#380;a&#322;o na gdy najszybszym uzgodnieniu mandatu gwoli KE, poniewa&#380; schemat gazoci&#261;gu Nabucco, kt&#243;ry ma po&#322;&#261;czy&#263; UE z kaspijskimi z&#322;o&#380;ami trunku, to sztandarowy, cho&#263; op&#243;&#378;niony wz&#243;r zwi&#281;kszaj&#261;cy bezpiecze&#324;stwo energetyczne UE. Nabucco ma dlatego &#380;e zmniejszy&#263; uzale&#380;nienie Europy od momentu dostaw rosyjskiego trunku.
- Bezpiecze&#324;stwo energetyczne to przywilej niekrajowej prezydencji, zatem zrobili&#347;my du&#380;o w tamtej sytuacji - przyzna&#322;o &#378;r&#243;d&#322;o zbli&#380;one a&#380; do lokalnej prezydencji.
Tymczasem owo Komisja Europejska b&#281;dzie negocjowa&#263; kontrakt dla Nabucco z regionami, kt&#243;re s&#261; w&#322;a&#347;cicielami niejakich z najwi&#281;kszych z&#322;&#243;&#380; oparu na &#347;wiecie. - To Komisja b&#281;dzie negocjowa&#263; umowy spo&#347;r&#243;d Azerbejd&#380;anem a Turkmenistanem. Tak aby mie&#263; prawa negocjacyjne, potrzebujemy mandatu ze strony rady UE - powiedzia&#322;a rzeczniczka KE ds. odwagi Marlene Holzner.
Konstrukcja Nabucco ma si&#281; rozpocz&#261;&#263; w 2013 roku, a odk&#261;d 2017 roku ruroci&#261;giem ma pop&#322;yn&#261;&#263; co&#347; mocniejszego z obszaru Mn&#243;stwa Kaspijskiego, przez Turcj&#281;, Rumuni&#281; natomiast [url=]seo[/url] Bu&#322;gari&#281;, a&#380; do Europy &#346;rodkowej. Epitety adaptacji by&#322;y niejednokrotnie przek&#322;adane. KE by&#322;a oskar&#380;ana o nieskuteczno&#347;&#263; tudzie&#380; bezradno&#347;&#263;, zw&#322;aszcza w licu konkurencyjnego szkicu South Stream z udzia&#322;em Gazpromu. Ma on od momentu ko&#324;ca 2015 roku, jak b&#281;dzie gotowa [url=]seo[/url] niejaka z jego planowanych czterech nitek, zaopatrywa&#263; w ruszczyzna trunek nieokcydentalna tudzie&#380; po&#322;udniow&#261; cz&#281;&#347;&#263; Europy.
SPO&#346;R&#211;D kolejki gazoci&#261;giem Nabucco w 2017 roku winiene&#339; pop&#322;yn&#261;&#263; pierwsze danie dostawy trunku spo&#347;r&#243;d Azerbejd&#380;anu, Iraku tudzie&#380; Turkmenistanu, pocz&#261;tkowo w ilo&#347;ci oko&#322;o 10 mld metr&#243;w sze&#347;ciennych [url=]gry online[/url] rocznie. W ci&#261;gu trzech do czterech latek przepustowo&#347;&#263; mog&#322;aby wzrosn&#261;&#263; do oko&#322;o 30 mld metr&#243;w sze&#347;ciennych.
Udzia&#322;owcami ca&#322;ego przedsi&#281;wzi&#281;cia jest w r&#243;wnych cz&#281;&#347;ciach sze&#347;&#263; fabryk energetycznych: austriacka OMV, niemiecka RWE, w&#281;gierska MOL, rumu&#324;ska Transgaz, bu&#322;garska BEH tudzie&#380; turecka Botas.

Uwi&#281;zienie by&#322;ego przyw&#243;dcy Serb&#243;w chorwackich, zbrodniarza bitewnego Gorana Had&#380;icia to dobra wiadomo&#347;&#263; dla ludzko&#347;ci, &#347;wiata, natomiast przede dowolnym w celu Chorwacji - powiedzia&#322;a dzi&#347; w Warszawie chorwacka szef rz&#261;du Jadranka Kosor.

Podczas gdy podkre&#347;li&#322;a Kosor na konferencji prasowej po zebraniu spo&#347;r&#243;d premierem Donaldem Tuskiem, Had&#380;i&#263; jest winny tysi&#281;cy ofiar.
- By&#322; niejakim z tych, kt&#243;rzy sp&#243;jnie natomiast spo&#347;r&#243;d sercem niestety realizowali wielkoserbsk&#261; polityk&#281; prezydenta Slobodana Miloszevicia oraz polityk&#281;, kt&#243;ra mia&#322;a zniszczy&#263; komplet, co chorwackie. Najlepszym przyk&#322;adem owego by&#322;o miasto Vukovar - m&#243;wi&#322;a prezes rady ministr&#243;w.

Przesz&#322;y zbrodniarz w r&#281;kach policji

Jan Piek&#322;o, prezes Fundacji Wsp&#243;&#322;pracy Polsko-Ukrai&#324;skiej PAUCI, jaki w latach 90. relacjonowa&#322; na &#322;amach &#8222;Tygodnika Wszechstronnego&#8221; wojn&#281; w Bo&#347;ni oraz Hercegowinie wyda&#322; opini&#281; o zatrzymaniu zbrodniarza spo&#347;r&#243;d czas&#243;w walki w anachronicznej Jugos&#322;awii, by&#322;ego wodza Serb&#243;w chorwackich Gorana Had&#380;icia.

- Aresztowanie Had&#380;icia jest konsekwencja podj&#281;tej wcze&#347;niej woli, &#380;e Serbia chce by&#263; w Konsolidacji Europejskiej. (Wsp&#243;&#322;praca Serbii z trybuna&#322;em ONZ w Hadze pozostaje newralgiczna zagadnienie na drodze rzeczonego pa&#324;stwa do cz&#322;onkostwa w UE).
Jak finalizuj&#261; si&#281; losy europejskiego cz&#322;onkostwa Chorwacji, Serbowie zdali se spraw&#281; z nierzeczonego, &#380;e w rezultatu narodowej burzy, jaka rozp&#281;ta&#322; Slobodan Miloszevi&#263; stracili praktycznie suma, &#322;&#261;cznie z dobr&#261; reputacja. Has&#322;o &quot;spora Serbia&quot; prze&#322;o&#380;y&#322;o si&#281; na &quot;coraz mniejsza Serbia.
Arystokracji nietaktowne dosz&#322;y a&#380; do wniosku, &#380;e to nie jest w&#322;a&#347;ciwa wyj&#347;cie i nale&#380;y zrobi&#263; pe&#322;nia, i&#380;by nie da&#263; ca&#322;kowicie wyprzedzi&#263; si&#281; Chorwacji, a w przysz&#322;o&#347;ci by&#263; cz&#322;onkiem Zgody Europejskiej. Owo jest plan, kto jest w nierzeczonej chwili realizowany.
Zacz&#261;&#322; si&#281; on od chwili wydania jaki&#347; okres rzeczonemu Miloszevicia. Chodzi o owo, tak aby nie zostawi&#263; Serbii w tej niesiwej strefie, w jakiej ci&#261;gle znajduj&#261; si&#281; np. Ukraina a Mo&#322;dawia, albowiem grozi niewiasta tym, &#380;e nie b&#281;dzie pieni&#281;dzy na post&#281;p kraju, jaki b&#281;dzie biednia&#322;.
Wykorzystanie Had&#380;icia w wydarzeniach w by&#322;ej Jugos&#322;awii by&#322;a por&#243;wnywalna do gleby, jak&#261; odegra&#322; Ratko Mladi&#263;. Nie ma on aczkolwiek takich obci&#261;&#380;e&#324;, jakie mia&#322; Miloszevi&#263;, za&#347; wci&#261;&#380; maj&#261; Radovan Karad&#380;i&#263; oraz Mladi&#263;. Niemniej jest na li&#347;cie zbrodniarzy wojskowych poszukiwanych za pomoc&#261; trybuna&#322; ONZ , i na niej kadry nie znajduj&#261; si&#281; bez powodu.
Maj&#261;c w Hadze ludzi r&#243;&#380;nego pomiaru - niekurtuazyjnego oraz militarnych - prokuratorom b&#281;dzie &#322;atwiej konfrontowa&#263; ich zeznania. Zeznania Karad&#380;icia mog&#261; np. pos&#322;u&#380;y&#263; do oskar&#380;enia Mladicia a odwrotnie. Nie b&#281;dzie tu pewnej narracji, atoli [url=]smieszne filmiki[/url] b&#281;dzie ich nieco, tym samym przebieg b&#281;dzie &#322;atwiej prowadzi&#263;.
W celu ludzi &#380;yj&#261;cych na terenie by&#322;ej Jugos&#322;awii, kt&#243;rzy s&#261; frajerami tamtej agresywnej kampanii, jest ci&#261;gle wa&#380;ne, a&#380;eby odpowiedzialni za owo ponie&#347;li konsekwencje, by przebieg mo&#380;na by&#322;o zrealizowa&#263; do samego ko&#324;ca a zapad&#322;y werdykty.

UE i NATO z zadowoleniem przyj&#281;&#322;y dzi&#347; informacje o zatrzymaniu minionego poszukiwanego w &#347;rodku zbrodnie bitewne w poprzedniej Jugos&#322;awii, by&#322;ego przyw&#243;dcy Serb&#243;w chorwackich Gorana Had&#380;icia. Alians uzna&#322;a [url=]seo[/url] owo w &#347;rodku wa&#380;ny ch&#243;d w ruchu spe&#322;nienia europejskich dumy Belgradu.

- Zgoda Europejska z zadowoleniem przyjmuje zatrzymanie Gorana Had&#380;icia za pomoc&#261; serbskie w&#322;adze - napisali we komunalnym o&#347;wiadczeniu najwa&#380;niejsi ambasadory Koalicji: przewodnicz&#261;cy Komisji Europejskiej Jose Manuel Barroso, przewodnicz&#261;cy Rady Europejskiej Herman Van Rompuy a prze&#322;o&#380;ona unijnej dyplomacji Catherine Ashton.
- Owo kolejny wa&#380;ny krok w celu Serbii w adaptacji europejskich optyki a tak jak wa&#380;ny dla mi&#281;dzynarodowej sprawiedliwo&#347;ci - dodano w o&#347;wiadczeniu UE.
W samoistnym raporcie r&#243;wnie&#380; asystent ca&#322;o&#347;ciowy NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen pochwali&#322; schwytanie Had&#380;icia.
- Owo aresztowanie pozwoli zamkn&#261;&#263; w najwy&#380;szym stopniu udr&#281;czony rozdzia&#322; w najnowszej przygodzie Europy - stwierdzi&#322; Rasmussen.
Skrybowie unijnego o&#347;wiadczenia dodali, &#380;e spodziewaj&#261; si&#281;, i&#380; Had&#380;i&#263; ulegni&#234;cie bezzw&#322;ocznie przekazany trybuna&#322;owi w Hadze.
Wsp&#243;&#322;praca Serbii z oenzetowskim trybuna&#322;em a&#380; do s&#261;dzenia zbrodni w b. Jugos&#322;awii pozostaje fundamentalna my&#347;l na drodze Serbii a&#380; do cz&#322;onkostwa w UE. Po zastrze&#191;eniu b. szefa Serb&#243;w bo&#347;niackich Ratko Mladicia Bruksela nalega&#322;a, &#380;eby Belgrad uczyni&#322; komplet, a&#380;eby zatrzyma&#263; r&#243;wnie&#380; Had&#380;icia.
Trybuna&#322; zarzuca 53-letniemu Had&#380;iciowi zbrodnie wojskowego i zbrodnie przeciwko ludzko&#347;ci. Na pocz&#261;tku 1992 roku zosta&#322; jego osoba obwo&#322;any prezydentem Rzeczpospolitej Serbskiej Krajiny, regionu stanowi&#261;cego oko&#322;o niejakiej trzeciej teren Chorwacji, jaki w grudniu 1991 roku jednostronnie og&#322;osi&#322; niepodleg&#322;o&#347;&#263; i pragmatycznie oderwa&#322; si&#281; od momentu resztki kraju.
Na Had&#380;iciu ci&#261;&#380;y 14 zarzut&#243;w zbrodni wojennych natomiast zbrodni przeciw ludzko&#347;ci. Oskar&#380;a si&#281; go o &#347;mier&#263; st&#243;wy chorwackich cywil&#243;w za&#347; deportacj&#281; kilkudziesi&#281;ciu tysi&#281;cy Chorwat&#243;w oraz niedrugich nie-Serb&#243;w w czasie kampanii w Chorwacji w latach 1991-1995.
Do aresztowania dosz&#322;o niemal dw&#243;jka miesi&#261;ce po zatrzymaniu genera&#322;a Ratko Mladicia. Po aresztowaniu Mladicia, Had&#380;i&#263; by&#322; unikalnym pozostaj&#261;cym na wolno&#347;ci zbrodniarzem, poszukiwanym przy u&#380;yciu haski trybuna&#322; ds. zbrodni wojskowych w [url=]gry online[/url]dawnej Jugos&#322;awii.

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A lot of people think that her wide-angle glasses is perfect for gardening vaccinations. Eventhough this is really the case, the wide-angle website can be a bit more useful compared to it may seem. The particular contact lens will eventually test the limits the backdrop whereas taking out nearby subjects perhaps even finer. Which means that therefore, the webpage is certainly an excellent option for choosing close-up game contrary to simply just large panorama. It's just a multipurpose website which can deal with the two foreground plus the historical past together.

When you've got a definite, on target theme, you need to self conscious beyond a wide-angle along with as an alternative contemplate zoom as well as telephoto contacts. A good zoom lens helps typically the photographer for you to cut short the actual focal distance for you to as well grow and also decrease your magnification for the topic. Yet do not confused just by online digital move. You would like to use a strong optical contact lens that should truly enlarge the snapshot. Some sort of telephoto website is reasonably just like a good zoom lens as well as the distinction will be slight. At the same time some sort of contact lens magnifies, a telephoto adds the topic nearer, cutting down the space involving the goods while in the photograph and therefore the the len's. What this means is you'll encounter better characteristic.

Seeking to zip around upon tiny minor goods? A macro glasses is the platform for one. They've got the focal length of time the fact that will let you have a envision away closer together with own which has no distortion. Nearly all camcorders previously have a macro establishing that can realize precisely the same ambition. Macro contacts are usually best any time attached to subjects that will be presently tiny as a blooming petal or maybe a lose with liquid.

Fisheye contact lenses have grown to be a fashionable solution amid shooters, building a worthwhile competition that will portraits. The the len's was initially earlier designed for astronomy photography lovers of which had to trap numerous any fog. Right now they are simply well-liked concerning surfaces photography enthusiasts simply because can easily perspective horizon curves. Any time taking snapshots of families, it should provide physical appearance with seeking via the door's peephole.

Even though you might center on just one sort of photography, maintaining an array of styles of high-end camera contacts will give one benefit, allowing you to grow to be a lot more versatile in your own pictures.

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